Diagnosis: Congenital Glaucoma

As I said in my introduction my son was born with glaucoma. How did they diagnose this? Babies can have glaucoma?!?! Are some of the questions one might ask.

Our glaucoma experience started 6 days after Atlas was born in the pediatricians office. We were there for his well-baby “weight” check after leaning the hospital. Everything seemed to be fine, until the nurse practitioner was examining his eyes. She was having a difficult time keeping his eyes open, he was sensitive to light and she noticed that his eyes were cloudy and hazy, and that his pupils are misshapen. We were told to make an appointment with a pediatric ophthalmologist. No sooner do we leave his check up ( we were literally pulling out of the parking lot) I get a call back from the pediatricians office saying they contacted the ophthalmologist and she wanted to see us in an hour.

My mind was racing, I was just in the doctors office , and I knew they were concerned. What I didn’t realize is exactly how concerned. I mean I hardly got out of the parking lot and we were already on our way to the eye doctor. That hour ride to the office felt like the longest hour of my life.

We arrived at the office, the doctor examined his eyes. We were told our baby who was hardly a week old had glaucoma and a cataract in his left eye. I could hardly process the information , the rest of that afternoon was spent with my kind racing and nonstop waterworks. The weeks to follow were full of appointments with a glaucoma specialist at Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary an hour away in Boston. The first step was to try eye drops to lower his intraocular pressures( glaucoma basically is a series of diseases in which the eye does not drain fluid properly ) . Eye drops were not successful and at 5 weeks old my tiny little boy had his first surgery to place a shunt in his eye to drain the fluid. The longest 5 hours of my life, but that boy is a champ! By the grace of God the surgery was a success. So for the past 8 months we’ve just been monitoring and giving him dilating drops (his eyes don’t dilate very well on their own) and some patching to strengthen his weaker eye.

I’ve been through two c-sections, and emergency surgery after an endoscopic procedure I ended with me having a perforated intestine and the death of my mother ( all which were very hard difficult times) but this seems to trump it all. Having you little child whisked away and poked and prodded at is terrifying





One thought on “Diagnosis: Congenital Glaucoma

  1. Holly Brugliera says:

    Tanya is my niece and I am proud of her-life is not easy and she has had a lot of struggles-she has an incredible husband. Our family will always be her to help anyway we can. Love you tanya


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