Flashback Friday

So occasionally I’m going to throw some of my poetry on here, it’s been years since I’ve written. This is a piece I wrote in 2010 :

My Favorite Place

Pieces of me are everywhere, with each and every one of you

On the streets I walked as a child, floating somewhere in the ocean

And deep down inside me is a place, my favorite place

A place where I meet me, that small piece of me that never went away

That little girl she hides deep inside for cover

It’s the one piece I will never let go

For that little girl is the one who never lets me down

It’s that place I hold so dear

That small piece of a child’s heart that has lasted in me all these years

And she’s the one who keeps me strong

My favorite part of me

She always saves the day

It’s the part of me that pulled through, even when life let me down

She pulled through

And it’s held deep within us

That childlike heart that you once had

I pray you never let go

That child is what reminds us

Sometimes the memories are bitter

But that child it shows us the strength we all have

It’s that child that laughs in the rain and dances with joy

Yea she remembers the pain

But when she looks in the mirror that little girl , hidden deep down inside

Yea that girl she always smiles

Always keeps moving on

The journey keeps moving and so do I

Even when the moments are tough and the hours seem days

I look deep inside and that little girl reminds me , everything will be ok

This poem seems relevant now, because my 3 year daughter Sage has such energy. She has such personality, such spirit, and such attitude. But she’s still so enthralled and pleased by the simplistic of things. Like play dough for example ,she was perfectly content to spend atleast an hour of her day yesterday playing with homemade lay dough using nothing but her hands and a few pots and spoons. No special play dough toys, just her playdough a few kitchen gadgets and her imagination.

I’m trying to remind myself daily to be calmer, more still , to soak up these moments, to be present in her joy. To try to have more of that child like attitude in all of my life. Children are beautiful, simple creatures not yet marked on by years of life and I’m trying to adopt that simpler, kinder attitude

Like mother, like daughter. Sage on the left, me on the right


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