Small Victory, Big Win !

Today is the day our boy has his second eye surgery. We were up at the crack of dawn(4:15) to make the hour drive from home to be at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary for 6 am. As I write this my husband and I are patiently waiting while the surgeons work their magic. During his first surgery back in December a shunt was placed to drain the fluid in his eye to help regulate his interocular pressures. Today the main goal is to remove the cataract.

Atlas Magoo (daddy’s nickname) did great in pre-op, snuggled on mommy the whole time , until the nurse took him into the OR. Having your child completely entrusted in someone else and so vulnerable, it’s kind of scary. The doctors here are amazing and Mass Eye & Ear is an amazing hospital, I’m super blessed it’s pretty close to home.

And the results are in Atlas was in the OR for approximately 2 hours. Before the doctors do eye procedures on a baby they typically start by doing an EUA. The plan today was for the doctors to get a better look at what’s going on inside his eye ( as you can imagine, doing a thorough exam is impossible with a squirmy baby). Upon examination it was determined that the cataract procedure is unnecessary at this point, and all looks well with his shunt(aside from minor scarring) which is completely normal. This morning I woke up with the thought that after today our sons eye care routine would be changing, but by the grace of God we’ve dodged this bullet for now. At some point in the future, the cataract procedure will happen. For today I’m just glad we can hold off a bit longer and am quite pleased that the drops are helping him enough to move forward without surgery until a later time

Some daddy lovings befor EUA

Pre op snuggles

Post anesthesia cuddles


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