Crafts and Connections

So this week has been full of fun and lots of crafts. It seems the crafting bug has bitten us. Started out the week by making a photo frame out of an old six pane window for my mother in law as a belated birthday gift. I must say I’m super pleased with the outcome, I used clear photo corners to adhere the photos to the glass, and a gold paint pen to write little sayings here and there. It’s a great way to repurpose an old window. My next bought of craftiness was a quick project I made with some hemp string, wooden rings and silicone beads. Took me maybe 10 minutes, and now Atlas has an adorable new teething toy. Today my baby girl wanted to try her new Crayola marker maker that she was gifted by her Auntie. It was pretty neat, it comes with 3 bottles of ink (primary colors – yellow , red , blue) , marker tips, cores , caps and the shell. You mix the inks together in a little test tube, dip the cores in it and assemble your own markers. Sage had so much fun, watching that face light up with joy is the pride of my life. Sometimes life is so busy, and I feel so bad because we get all stuck in it. But sometimes you just need to stop and do what your child wants you to do , you can only make these memories once and I hope I’m succeeding at giving her lots of good ones. Last but not least in this weeks crafting adventures was drawing Atlas his own special patches. Part of his treatment for his eye conditions is to use a patch over his good eye 2-3 hours a day to try to strengthen his weaker eye to prevent lazy eye . They call this “patching” , you can buy adhesive patches that come in prints ,that are plain like a bandage or white ones like I just purchased that have a texture similar to paper tape medical tape. I got my inspiration to create some specially designed patches from a father I follow on Instagram (@LaylasPatches) , he creates amazing patches for his daughter, my artistic talent is limited but I’m trying. I also plan to let dad , and his older brother do some because both have more artistic skills than this momma.

It is amazing the connections I’ve made online, social media can be a drag for sure, but it can also be an incredible tool. Information at your finger tips, literally in your pocket. The ability to make connections with people all over the country , all over the world even! I’m making connections to different people around the world, that have children that deal with similar diagnoses and treatments as Atlas. It’s simply amazing that I can get support through all these outlets. I have people who I can ask questions, that have been through similar things. I don’t have to just rely solely on the doctors ,I have other people, other parents I can ask opinions on things relating to his condition and treatments. Just like I would ask my friends about any other regular mom stuff, except glaucoma, cataracts, pediatric eyewear, and patching aren’t as normal for most people as asking what’s the best diaper creams , or lotion, or bookstore or any other inquiry. I feel thoroughly blessed that through social media I’m making connections , learning things and possibly making long distance friendships that maybe someday will be real life ones . So as much as social media can be a drag, as much as it can suck you in , it can also be an incredible tool.


2 thoughts on “Crafts and Connections

  1. Tiffany says:

    Your little one is so courageous! You are doing an amazing job!!
    I was born with a cataract. I had surgery 36 years ago at mass eye and ear in Boston. They removed the cataract from my right eye. I wore a patch also over my good eye and thick cataract glasses. I remember going back every year to see the doctor so he could make sure the eye was healing properly. My mom tells me it was the hardest thing for her to do to get me to wear that patch.

    I cannot see out of my right eye still but it never stopped me from accomplishing what I wanted to do. I am an artist, I have modeled 3D props, Filmed, and edited for a kids tv show. I know create elearning for a company.

    You are taking your son to the best place!

    You are an inspiration!


    • Aww Tiffany, this makes my heart happy. As a mother I am certainly doing my best to make sure this guy has every opportunity I can give him , and am blessed that such an amazing medical facility is close to home. I’m so glad to hear that you are able to live a full life, and I’m sure my son will too. You are an inspiration as well, and hope that this will not define him .


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