Eye’ve Been Around the World

Today we had a visit with the pediatric ophthalmologist, all in all in went okay . We also had a chat over the phone earlier this week about his condition, I should say conditions as he has so much going on. His left eye is by far the worse eye, it has some vision but expectations are that it will never have very good vision. The glaucoma is in that left eye, as well as his lens which rubs against his cornea a bit due to its abnormal shape, a normal lens is round, his is not. I’m still learning and trying to absorb everything and make sure I get it all right. The results of today’s visit (which went super well). Somehow through all the lights and hands in his face he fell asleep , which made it so much easier for the doctor to get a good look. The end results pressure readings were high so we will be back to the glaucoma specialist sooner than later to check in and try to figure out what’s causing this rise. The poor guy ansi has to go from 2-3 hours of patching daily bumped up to 6 hours which should be fun , as his new thing is trying to pull them off (kids) not that I blame him, can’t be very comfortable.

What’s craziest, but kind of cool is because his issues are so complex and intertwined, it’s hard for the doctors to make the best plan, operating on infants and young kids is hard and risky in and of itself, add in that there are multiple issues and they don’t want to make one worse to fix the other, coming up with a good plan can be difficult. His doctor mentioned that she had reached out to doctors all over the world for their insight on his condition, and treatment options. While it stinks a bit we are dealing with this I find it completely amazing that we live in a world where technology allows doctors to quickly and easily communicate through emails and share information with each other to make the best decisions for their patients. I’m extremely grateful not only for the amazing doctors we work with , but the ones that may give our doctors insights and valuable information. Medicine and healthcare has come so very far and I’m so excited to see the advances that come in our lifetime.


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