Channeling a “Healer”

My mother in law recently went to a channeling and was told that Atlas will be a “healer”. While I don’t necessarily believe in that kind of spirituality , I do believe there is truth in this statement. I truly feel both my children are healers. starting back to 3 and half years ago when Sage was first born, even before she was born. My mothers cancer diagnosis followed my pregnancy pretty closely, my pregnancy was a source of strength and something special to look forward to for our family. Unfortunately my mother passed away less than two weeks after Sage’s birth, but her birth was a source of healing for both my mother and I. knowing Sage was coming helped give mom strength to keep going. The day we were released from the hospital Sage was able to visit her grandmother at the nursing home. That was a healing moment if I have ever seen one, the look of peace and happiness on my mothers face was amazing. although it was extremely emotional and bittersweet for myself, knowing that they were able to meet was the start of my continued healing from losing my mother. Beyond that Sage just brings so much light and joy to the world, it can heal even the darkest of days. She has been such a light in our families.

Circling back to Atlas, I absolutely see him as a healer. He was our ‘unexpected” child, I wasn’t actively trying to conceive but I wasn’t actively preventing it either. At first his glaucoma diagnosis was a hard pill to swallow, it still is, but I know he is going to be a healer.He will do great things.  This blog is part of our healing, writing has always been v therapeutic for me, though for many years I took a break. Part of why I started this blog was to heal personally, and help other parents, children, and families with congenital glaucoma heal and deal. I have a vision that my boys adorable face, can be the face of Congenital Glaucoma and bring awareness and enlightenment to this relatively  rare issue. I want  our family to be a face for,  and a source of encouragement to other Congenital Glaucoma children and families. No matter the end result or how well his vision turns out to be, he is healed. He is a happy well adjusted little boy, with an immense amount of love and support that we couldn’t be more grateful for. Everyday he is healing, getting smarter , stronger and healing those around him with his infectious personality and cuteness.


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