Pesky Patching

Any parents with children who have vision problems patching?? How early did you start patching with your child? With little ones it can be tough. My son Atlas was a few months old when we were instructed to start our patching journey. It began as a few hours every other day and our current goal is 6 hours daily. For those of you who don’t know what patching is, or why we patch, essentially you place an eye patch over your child’s stronger eye in hopes that it will strengthen vision in the weak eye. We use adhesive patches (almost like a band aid) , let me tell you my magoo (aka Atlas) figured out how to take his patch off way sooner than I had ever hoped. Some days are more of a struggle to keep the patch on than others. It doesn’t help that he is also teething making him extra irritable (literally has a minimum of 4 teeth I see trying to make an appearance ) , making this whole patching business a nuisance to him. However patching is super important, so I push through and continue to try to find ways to make it bearable on his off days. Once those pesky teeth pop through, I think he will be a bit more compliant.

A bit of a background on patching and what’s its used to treat: Patching is used to treat what they call amblyopia, most of you probably know this as “lazy eye.” The patching treats the amblyopia or “Lazy Eye” by covering the eye with better vision and forcing the weaker eye to work and make better connections within the brain. It’s very important to treat amblyopia as early as possible to avoid vision loss. In Atlas’ case the vision in his “bad” eye will likely always be minimal, but we want to do as much we can to keep his vision as strong as possible.

Thanks to another patching mom on IG, I learned August is amblyopia awareness month. So if you see a kid with an eye patch, don’t fret. More than likely they are just strengthening their eye and have no injury. People always assume my boy had surgery, or some kind of injury, that’s not the case.

So to all those groovy patching kids in the world, rock those patches!!


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