The Great Pull-Up

Atlas has reached a huge milestone since my last post. He’s been crawling for some time now, and over the past week he’s began to pull himself to standing with furniture , the laundry basket we keep his toys in (super easy/cheap toy storage) or his favorite and the most nerve racking for me our dog. Our poor dog has become Atlas’ jungle gym, of course I’m trying to redirect him, but our beautiful English bulldog Scrapper has been super patient with his little friend. I really need to catch it on camera because it is insanely adorable. That dog is Sage and Atlas’ best buddy. I’m so proud, and also in awe. I am not ready to have an almost fully mobile baby.

We got confirmation that he’s doing pretty well physically today from a physical therapist, so that’s great news. We recently got him started with early intervention and one of the first steps was a PT eval, and for now he won’t be needing that service, but so grateful it’s available if ever needed. They are also trying to get us in with In-Sight for a pediatric Functional Vision exam. It’s quite obvious that Atlas has vision issues, but this exam will asses as to how his vision is or can/could/might affect his functioning currently, or as he grows. I’m excited for this screening as I’m certain his vision is affecting his functioning, just at what level. As far as I can tell he seems to be functioning pretty well, but as I’m not a professional there may be things I don’t notice and things I could do to help him. If I have any other Congenital glaucoma, congenital cataract etc parents following my blog, I do believe he has some depth perception issues, has anyone else experienced this ?


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