A Day in Boston

Yesterday was a big adventure. Atlas had a check in with Dr.Chan (glaucoma specialist) at Mass, Eye and Ear. The doctor was super busy, we had to wait 2 hours before we were seen. It happens, certainly not the funnest time, but that aside I’m exponentially grateful that we have some of the top specialists in our neck of the woods. The appointment went super well , his eyes look good and pressures were pretty stable. His are always on the high range of normal, but that’s his baseline. Doctor also said the shunt placement still looks good, which was great news. So for now barring any unexpected issues we have a check up with the pediatric ophthalmologist in just over a month and don’t have to return to the specialist until January. It’s still nerve racking though, I’m ecstatic that he’s doing so well , reality is though that at some point there will be more surgeries and that makes this momma a bit uneasy. That’s just part of our life though, and I’m learning to accept that.

Fast forward to the second part of our day we were able to meet the president of the Children’s Glaucoma Foundation ,Dr.David Walton. The foundations main focus is to support research efforts, they also assist families in need and childhood glaucoma awareness. I met with Dr.Walton because I’d really like to get more involved with the foundation. Like many parents in our situation , the only reason I even know childhood glaucoma’s exist is Atlas’ diagnosis. I want to be part of helping other families that have children with glaucoma and want to spread awareness as much as possible. So if your reading this go take a look at http://www.childrensglaucomafoundation.org and read about childhood glaucoma and watch the video on the site. And if your so inclined make a donation small or large, everything matters.


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