Patching and Play

I’ve recently been inspired to incorporate more sensory play into the kids lives. Sensory play is important for all babies and young children. Sensory play is basically any play that involves children combining all their senses in play, olfactory, auditory , vision, touch and taste. Why is sensory play so important ? Sensory play encourages cognitive development and encourages kids to use all their senses to learn. This is also why giving your children freedom and allowing them to play how they want without intervention is so important to their development of problem solving skills. I strongly believe that for Atlas and other kids with visual impairments this type of learning through play is even more important as their other senses will help them better understand the world around them , when they can’t rely on their vision as strongly as well sighted persons can. I don’t know for sure exactly how well he can see , because he can’t tell us. Through the way he acts and plays, I think his vision may be a bit better than expected , but he definitely has depth perception issues and sometimes needs items very close to his face to really absorb what they look like. I’m hoping that soon he will have his functional vision exam to give us a better idea of where he’s at visually.

For sensory play ideas Just look on Pinterest for sensory activities and there is a vast plethora of fun ideas. I try to choose ones that involve edible ingredients especially for Atlas like most babies ,whatever he’s playing with will more than likely ended being taste tested. We’ve done many activities, playdough, moonsand, foam , water play.

Here’s some good info I. Why sensory play is important and some cool activities to try. If you’re a parent please share with us your favorite sensory activities


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