Adventure Awaits

I know we’ve been pretty quiet, life has been very busy. Sage started a new weekly ballet class. I’ve had a few appointments myself, and just life.

Atlas had a bout of pink eye that seemed to go away with antibiotics, but then as soon as we stopped the drops came back. We are just finishing the second go of antibiotics, I’m really hoping this time it’s gone for good. I’m also praying that patching will be good, since I’ve scaled back considerably on patching through the pink eye, so we need to get back on the patching train and chug chug chug along. When he had the second round of pink eye , a trip to his regular ophthalmologist was in order. During our visit, the doctor brought up a conversation we’d had in the past. You see Atlas has a multitude of things going on in those little eyes. His ophthalmologist had mentioned possibly seeing a cornea specialist in New York to get his opinion on his cornea and pupil issues. At our last visit she said she thought it was time and that she would be contacting Dr.Zaidman.

Today I was contacted by his office staff and In two and a half weeks Atlas , myself and one of my aunts will be making the 3 hour journey to the White Plains area of New York to meet this new doctor. I’m excited , I’m nervous and hope that this visit brings us more knowledge and insight on what’s going on in our sons eyes and what we can do to help him. It will most certainly be the start of a new adventure in our vision journey. I will always be my boys number one advocate and quest for more knowledge.


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