He’s got the whole world in his hands 🖐

Today is a big in our home, not only is it a super fun holiday where you get to dress up and play pretend, it’s the day Atlas made his grand appearance into the world.

That’s right folks today our curious, adventurous adorable little guy turns from baby to toddler!!! It’s Atlas’ first birthday.

It has been 365 days of adventures, some laughs, some tears, some anger but most of all it’s been filled with so much love. Love for each other within our little family unit, love from our extended family , friends and strangers. Everywhere we go, we are stopped (usually many times) to be told how cute Sage is, or how adorable Atlas looks in his eyeglasses. Of course we have some less welcome questions , like Are this prescription glasses? I couldn’t tell you why this particular question gets my panties all twisted, oh wait I could…. just my humble opinion but why would anyone make their child wear glasses if it wasn’t necessary. I’ve worn glasses for about 25 years and while it’s really not so bad, I certainly wouldn’t do it everyday if I didn’t have to.

I love that Halloween is his birthday, and I hope he grows to love it too. I chose to have him today (scheduled c-section) as a tribute to my late mother who enjoyed Halloween, and all the spooky things and she loved her horror movies. I truly believe she would have gotten the biggest pleasure out of his being born Halloween day.

The day we came home from the hospital I was ecstatic, his birth went well and we got to go home as scheduled. With his sister we spent a short amount of time in the NICU and that was quite stressful. My dreams of an easy release were shattered after his first doctors visit. That day started our whirlwind journey of eye appointments. It’s been so fun watching Atlas grow and learn. He can now walk with his walker, pull himself up to standing, drink on his own, say mama and dada. He does better than I could have ever expected with his glasses, patching and ongoing appointments. He certainly has his days where it’s a battle, but more often than not he goes with flow.

It’s been a year full of learning, learning about myself, my family about they eyes, glaucoma , cataracts and other eye issues. I’m on a quest to learn as much as I can about the eyes, how they work and what to do to help him. I want to be the best advocate I can be for our son. This journey has also given way to new dreams for this mama. I’ve started this blogs not only just wanting to share our journey, but to help and inspire other families that may be in similar situations. I don’t yet have a solid plan, but advocating for Atlas and childhood eye conditions has become an important part of my world. I hope that I can find a way to really do that in the near future.

Happy Birthday to my dear boy Atlas, you’ve got the whole world in your hands and I hope and pray that you will make an impact everywhere you go💖💖


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