How your eyes, opened my eyes

As I have previously stated prior to Atlas’ birth I had no idea a baby could be born with glaucoma. It opened my eyes to the fact that there are so many different issues babies can be born with . It’s only the beginning of the road for his journey , but it’s already changed my life and opened my eyes. I feel like I’m a bit more observant, I’m starting to notice the little things more. Im more nervous as a parent this time, which is opposite of most people. I think more about any little symptoms or things that happen , because I don’t know if it could be related to his glaucoma. My heart aches every time he cries, it always sucks as a parent when your child is sad, when they have a “health” issue you wonder even more, is he in pain? Do his eyes hurt? Or is the just regular cranky baby cries?

I’ve been inspired to really put myself out there mores , to continue to learn and to hopefully find a way to turn our sour grapes into some next level wine and really make a difference not only for us , but for other children and families. So if anyone in Rhode Island area is reading this and has any thoughts or connections on ways I can get involved in the local low vision community please let me know.


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