Spectator Stand in Heaven

Time it stands still

Everyday I think of you , wishing you were here

So many times wishing you were near

Longing for your strong embrace

I even miss you invading on my space

The little things that tore us apart , seem to be what I miss most

I miss your scratchy smokers voice and even your insults

A mothers love it never fades , even though she’s gone

For all you did wrong, you did so much right

Thank you for showing me how to love, to forgive and to be kind

But most of all I thank you for all you’ve left behind

With the holidays coming up and all the wonderful craziness that has been life I’ve often thought of my mother. Wrapping my head around it being the fourth holiday season since she’s left this world is mind boggling. I hope there’s a spectator stand in heaven , and she can see how beautiful and amazing her grand babies are. I’m sorry she doesn’t get to be here to watch them grow, but I promise I’m making her proud (most days, we all screw up sometimes ya know) I can’t even begin to imagine how she would be with all Atlas’ diagnosis’s and appointments ( if you knew my mom , you’d know what I mean) I can just see and hear her getting all worked up in my head. All I know is I’ll forever be her peanut and my babies will forever be my goose, and my magoo.


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