Cooking Connections

So I know this blog is supposed to be focused on our journey with glaucoma, but that’s only one small part of our live. Today like many, maybe even most people I spent some time making Thanksgiving preparations.

Waking up this morning baking desserts for Thanksgiving was just a chore (one I was happy to complete, but a chore none the less) I was wrong , it turned out to be a fun way to connect with my 3 year old daughter Sage and a great start to our day. Watching the joy on her face as she added ingredients, and mixed and prepared just melted my heart. We made a pumpkin pie and apple crisp. Our day started off with fun which helped her have a great attitude throughout the day. We had fun playing and learning. She was even super cute with her brother and helped mommy clean.

Sometimes it is so easy to just put the kids in front a movie or tell them to go play, but what they crave is our attention. She was happy to comply with my requests because she was involved in what I was doing. If I said wait, she waited, if I said mommy will do this part , she let me. I’m so amazed at how well she did today. I’m so glad for the amazing day we had together as s family and the connections we made as a mother daughter team.


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