Rather Insignificant

As is tradition for many families , today My Aunt Deb and I took the kids for their “obligatory” Santa photos. Atlas had an adorable “suit” which consisted of black pinstriped pants, a white button down, and the matching vest. He looked like such a prince! Sage didn’t have any good holiday style attire, so you guessed it we made a Target run beforehand to pick a dress. And ohemgee did we pick the most adorable mustard yellow A-line lace dress, and the lace has all these little leaf shapes in it, I know it sounds strange trying to explain but when you look at the photos, she looks like a little model. Sage also requested a red Santa hat , Atlas had one and she wanted to match her baby Atlas. So with accessories and attire acquired we headed to the local Cardi’s furniture store where they were doing free photos with Santa. The Santa was incredible, he looked amazing and was great with kids.

By the time that was finished, we were all hungry so my Aunt the kids and I headed to Taco Bell for a quick lunch. I know it seems rather insignificant a few photos with Santa, and a fast food lunch, but I greatly enjoyed our day. When we are with my Aunt Deb , it’s almost like my mom is still here. My mother loved all 3 of her sisters dearly, but Deb and mom had a special bond. They got together weekly and were always super close, so whenever I’m with her I know my mothers not far away. No one will ever, nor would I ever want anyone to replace my mother but I’m blessed everyday that my Auntie treats her niece and great niece and nephew like children , and great children. I will forever be grateful for these moments they get to share with their “Auntie Grandma”


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