Moo Moo goes the oobleck

I’m totally geeking out right now! This is a super fan girl post(sort of) lol. I’m super into doing STEM projects with the kids( mostly for Sage, Atlas is still too young but he likes to watch). I recently saw a post on called “See Sound with oobleck”. The women who runs this website Cara Florance is the author of some really cool kids science books (which I can’t wait to get). We did the experiment , which was super fun and I posted a video of us doing the experiment on Instagram , and Cara herself liked it enough that she not only liked our post, but put it in her own Instagram story!!!! I’m kind of geeking out , I feel like semi-famous lol! Which is great because like any other blogger I’m trying to put myself out there , and to have an author put us in her story is pretty BA if ya ask me. So thanks Cara Florance, for the shout-out and all the other activity ideas I’m excited to try!

So as far as the activity itself , It’s essentially a fun little experiment about sound, and a way to show kids the vibrations of sound (kind of like how sound bounces off our eardrums). You make oobleck , and if you’re any body that’s anybody you know that’s just a fun word for a goopy non-Newtonian fluid (viscosity can change from liquid like to solid like) made with 2:1 cornstarch to water.

Then you take toilet paper/paper towel tubes and make them into a periscope looking thing and I used a balloon to make the drum part (full fledged instructions on the website above) and I used a ballon I had hanging around to make the drum part. Check out the video and have a laugh and go try it out yourself!

Side note- I think STEM/STEAM activities are the best way to reach kids. It holds their interest , and they are much more likely to retain the information because they learned it in a tangible way(my opinion). I know personally that yes I gain knowledge through reading and other traditional methods, but so much more from hands-on activities and real life experiences

and shout out to dad(my husband Steve) for making awesome noises !


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