Big Fat Heart

Today I’m just feeling blessed. Nothing particularly spectacular or inspiring happened recently , but man those tiny little things that add up to a big fat heart full of happy.

Watching Atlas devour an apple like a big kid, I mean literally right down to the core. He enjoyed each and every bite, humming as he ate , as his beautiful big eyes lit up like the night sky.

Hearing Sage run to the door when she should be sleeping because we just got in from some last minute Christmas shopping. Her little tiny footsteps and her little squeaky voice exclaiming “mommy I missed you so much”.. and we were gone less than 3 hours. While we’re on the way home my stepdaughter Brooklynn FaceTimed me because she wanted to say goodnight to her little sister (or as she calls her “bip”) . When I got home I called her back and my girls got to say goodnight to each other. And even cuter daddy walks in the door takes both his babies and reads them a Curious George Merry Christmas.

All these little things add up to so much and I’m so happy to call this my life.


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