This week marked another adventure in our eye care journey with Sir Atlas. At the beginning of November we made a trip to New York to meet with Dr.Zaidman a cornea specialist. At that visit he couldn’t get a good look at Atlas and asked us to come back for an Exam under anesthesia. On The 26th Atlas, my husband Steve and I took the 3 hour journey to Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital I’m Valhalla, NY.

The difference between today and the last two times he was put under anesthetics, is that this time instead of just letting the nurse take him into the OR i went with in with him. It broke my heart to watch him writhe on the table as they put the mask over his face, but I’m incredibly glad I was the last thing he saw and heard before he went to sleep. I know these exams are going to be part of his life, I’m hoping that we can do them as few and far between as possible. I hope my singing and touch calmed him and this won’t be a terrible memory for him. Thankfully it was just an exam so when he woke up he had no pain to deal with.

This doctor confirmed some information we already knew, which is great. The next step is for my boy to try a new drop which may reduce the swelling in his affected eye. Here’s to hoping that’s successful and will be helpful for him. Your journey has just begun my boy and I’m incredibly grateful God trusted me enough to be your momma.


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