18 going on 19

I’m having a difficult time trying to sum up my year . If you know me, you know I’m a bit scatter brained (but somehow semi-organized) , and my brain is full of ideas that constantly spin around inside this noggin of mine. At times I can find the perfect words, and other times it’s a struggle to make my point without going off on a million different tangents.

The most important things this year have been the small victories, those little tiny seemingly insignificant things ; like the days when Atlas wears his patch with little to no fighting it may seem like a small victory , but it’s huge to me. It means so much to me .. it means my boy is strengthening his affected eye which is so good. Or when my husband spells out a word (sucker) and my 3 year old tries to sound it out. Of course this isn’t the greatest thing , but hey it means she’s learning , taking in information and trying to phonetically sound out letters and put a word together , yea this momma thinks that’s awesome.

Obviously there are the big things too , like Atlas having and exam under anesthesia and being able to hold off on a surgery we thought was necessary at the time , or Sage having her first big fall and trip to the ER. And for myself taking and completing the Tax Course so that in 2019 instead of being the receptionist in the tax office I work at, i will be completing tax returns for clients!

I’m looking forward to all the learning and adventure this next year will bring. My biggest goals are to save money, start eliminating debt and to really pay attention to the little things. Sometimes you get so hung up on the big things, that the little things get overlooked and they shouldn’t be.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year from my family to yours


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