Good Grief

There’s something about losing someone that just changes you. It feels like something is missing, like a piece of you is gone. While in the physical sense yes , this lived on, this person is not here, there is no physical being. But no one , I repeat no one can away that piece from you , it feels like it’s gone (it really does) .. the thing of it they are never really gone. If this person was someone who was truly a part of you , they will never not be part of you. They still love on in your memories, in your dreams, in your heart, in all the little ways you are like them , in the other people around you who loved them.

I’ve been thinking so much about my mom lately, I don’t know why it’s hitting me hard right now. I think it’s because big things are happening , I’m moving up in the world and all I can think about is she’s not here to be proud of me , or bitch at me and tell me what I’m doing wrong . Though I hated that , I actually miss it.

All I know is I’m thanking for all the little reminders of you in everyday life.


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