Great Podcasts for Kids

Parents , are you always busy?

Do you enjoy learning alongside your kids?

Do you spend time in the car?

Do you listen to the radio ?

Well if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions and have never thought about it before , try listening to podcasts with your kids. My favorite time to tune in is on car rides, especially longer car rides. I hook my iPhone up to Bluetooth and voila instant access to podcast listening.

Amazingly my 3 (almost 4 year old) seems to really enjoy tuning in . She often asks me to put a podcast on (how cute?!?!) Here is a list of some of the podcasts we’ve tried and enjoyed so far. This list is on no particular order

A podcast that features questions sent in by curious kids. If you’re child has a good question you can send in an Audi file of them asking it , and one day you might just hear their question being answered on the podcast. I’m waiting for Sage to ask me a real doozy, so we can send something in and maybe hear her on the show one day.

Brains on is a Science podcast for kid. It’s super fun and super engaging. Their little tag line on the show is very catchy. It’s hosted by Molly Bloom and features different experts and specialists and there are episodes on so many different areas of science. The show captures my and my daughters interest and is fun and engaging.

You can also Check out Forever Ago a history podcast by Brains On. The episodes are told like stories and are very interesting to learn from.

And then there Ear Snacks in the newest one I’ve tried , and only heard a few episodes, but so far I think it’s super fun

Basically I think Podcasts can be a fun way to supplement your kids education , and enjoy some family bonding .


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