The Magic Number is Four

Yesterday was a big day, actually there’s been lots of “big” days recently. Two that particularly stand out though are today , which is the 4th anniversary of my mother’s passing and the 19th was Sage’s fourth birthday.

These past four and a half years have been so full. I’ll never forget the day I first found out I was pregnant with Miss Sage. It was the beginning of June 2014. Between June and July 2014 there were so many life changing moments. June 8th I participated in the One Mission Buzz Off which raises money through “sponsors” donating money to each buzzee, really this was just my excuse to buzz my hair without being a total freak. I always wanted to know what I would look like , and how it felt to have a buzzed head. I must say I not only ticked it , but I personally raised $1300 to a good cause.

June 19, 2014 my mother had her first surgery.

July 15 , 2014 mom had another surgery , a huge surgery where they removed her bladder , kidney and a hysterectomy. And my husband Steve and I signed on our first home together and officially began our journey as home owners.

November 2014 mom went back to the oncologist and at that point everything seemed to be well

Christmas Day 2014 mom was in pain , late that night my brother to took her to the ER. By New Years Day 2015 my mother was back at the hospital in Boston.

January 1st 2015 our daily started the New Year Off by meeting with a palliative care specialist and having the news delivered that our beautiful mother would have a maximum of 6 months to live.

Over the next few months we spent as much time with mom as we could at the nursing home and made as many memories as we could.

On February 19, 2015 Sage was delivered by c-section and she ended up needing to spend 5 days in the NICU for monitoring.

February 24,2015 we were able to bust free from the NICU and our first stop was to see mom. That days was the most bitter sweet day of my life. We got to see our mother meet the grandchild she had always dreamed of knowing this would be the only memory they would ever have together. I will cherish that day deep in my heart until the day I get to see her again. The love in that room, the bonding of spirits was magical. I swear Sage soaked up some of moms life force. I see so so much of my mother in Sage it’s sometimes unreal.

I don’t know why I felt this important to share , but this is our journey and my mother is part of that journey. What she left me is priceless and my only hope is that in this life I can give as much love as she did. My mother had so much love and little confidence and I’m hoping and praying that even though I wasn’t always shown confidence I can find my own and teach my children to always believe in themselves.


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