Calling all parents, I don’t care what you do as a living but raising your children will be the most important , and most difficult “job” you will ever have.

Now I’m no parenting pro, my personal opinion there’s no such thing. You see as someone really wise, and rather awesome once told me I was made for my kids and they were made for me. God gifted me these absolutely gorgeous amazing children , because he knew I was exactly who they needed. Like most is there are days when I feel so tested , so done. Then there are days when I feel like I’ve really got my ish figured out.

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit les adequate , Sage is such an inquisitive, adventurous sweet little girl and I adore her for it, but there are days where its just so much. And I’m trying my damndest yo be patient , because I never ever want her desire to soak everything in to fade, I admire her so much for that. I wish for just a minute I could get back that energy , that zest for life and learning that we all once possessed. I absolutely still love learning, but something is definitely lost as we age. That little extra spark it fizzles and hope I manage to help keep that alive in get for as long as possible.

Oh and little Atlas, my ever so brave and daring prince. I know that his vision issues are nothing compared to the plethora of other problems he could be facing. But man as a parent it sucks to watch your kid struggle. The past couple days have been so difficult for him patching wise. There are days when he barely notices it , not this week though. This week it’s like I put a piece of flaming magma on his face and he needs to get it off as quick as possible. Not only will it possibly effect his vision if he doesn’t get in enough patch time, but it gets a bit pricey once we start going through 3,4,5 patches a day. And I’ll tell you it’s just so tough having to daily put your child through something they don’t like, but I refuse to give up because it’s my job to fight for you. So I promise with every bit of my might I will always fight for your vision , even when it’s hard for you.

I know this post has been rather long winded , but my point is parenting is tough , we all love our kids and have days where we feel like total parent failures, but my friend is right I’m meant to be their mom , and their meant to be my kids.

Only a mother (or father , or grandma, stepmom, stepdad etc) knows what their child needs. Each child is different and no matter what the next person sees , heard or thinks … YOU are the one who knows them , their fears, joys, strengths , weaknesses. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise


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