All in the Family

Today was a big day for us, well specifically for Sage. About 2.5 years ago she had her first vision appointment , at the time our concerns were that she might have a cross eye, that has mellowed significantly over time. So a bit of a mom fail on my part , I never took her for a follow up.

I finally decided it was time to go back for that follow up , and very soon our crew will be adding another glasses wearer to the ranks. The doctor whom by the way is amazing and we love and trust is t super concerned with the cross eye , but Sage does have some farsightedness that the doctor felt needed correcting.

Sage was such a great patient! She followed all the directives she was given , and just flew through that exam like a pro. She has been to a few of her brothers appointments and has an idea of how it goes. Watching her try on glasses and pick colors was too cute. Her end choice was a pair of Frames called Tutti Frutti made by Dilli Dalli in the colt raspberry , Dilli Dalli is the same company Atlas’ frames are made by. So we are about to be a Dilli Dalli family.

It was a bit emotional for mom , not necessarily the fact that she had to wear glasses .. seriously she’s my kid she was doomed from the start In that aspect. Just it’s a big change , and I’m hoping she handles it as well as she did her appointment.

Best part of today is that , although I love my son dearly I was able to have my friend watch him so that I could totally focus on Sage today. We read lots of books in the doctors waiting room , snuggled , picked out new glasses for her together and even had time for a lunch date. Having two kids changed the dynamic quite a bit and it was just good to have some quality mommy Sage time .


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