Great Podcasts for Kids

Parents , are you always busy?

Do you enjoy learning alongside your kids?

Do you spend time in the car?

Do you listen to the radio ?

Well if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions and have never thought about it before , try listening to podcasts with your kids. My favorite time to tune in is on car rides, especially longer car rides. I hook my iPhone up to Bluetooth and voila instant access to podcast listening.

Amazingly my 3 (almost 4 year old) seems to really enjoy tuning in . She often asks me to put a podcast on (how cute?!?!) Here is a list of some of the podcasts we’ve tried and enjoyed so far. This list is on no particular order

A podcast that features questions sent in by curious kids. If you’re child has a good question you can send in an Audi file of them asking it , and one day you might just hear their question being answered on the podcast. I’m waiting for Sage to ask me a real doozy, so we can send something in and maybe hear her on the show one day.

Brains on is a Science podcast for kid. It’s super fun and super engaging. Their little tag line on the show is very catchy. It’s hosted by Molly Bloom and features different experts and specialists and there are episodes on so many different areas of science. The show captures my and my daughters interest and is fun and engaging.

You can also Check out Forever Ago a history podcast by Brains On. The episodes are told like stories and are very interesting to learn from.

And then there Ear Snacks in the newest one I’ve tried , and only heard a few episodes, but so far I think it’s super fun

Basically I think Podcasts can be a fun way to supplement your kids education , and enjoy some family bonding .


Good Grief

There’s something about losing someone that just changes you. It feels like something is missing, like a piece of you is gone. While in the physical sense yes , this lived on, this person is not here, there is no physical being. But no one , I repeat no one can away that piece from you , it feels like it’s gone (it really does) .. the thing of it they are never really gone. If this person was someone who was truly a part of you , they will never not be part of you. They still love on in your memories, in your dreams, in your heart, in all the little ways you are like them , in the other people around you who loved them.

I’ve been thinking so much about my mom lately, I don’t know why it’s hitting me hard right now. I think it’s because big things are happening , I’m moving up in the world and all I can think about is she’s not here to be proud of me , or bitch at me and tell me what I’m doing wrong . Though I hated that , I actually miss it.

All I know is I’m thanking for all the little reminders of you in everyday life.

18 going on 19

I’m having a difficult time trying to sum up my year . If you know me, you know I’m a bit scatter brained (but somehow semi-organized) , and my brain is full of ideas that constantly spin around inside this noggin of mine. At times I can find the perfect words, and other times it’s a struggle to make my point without going off on a million different tangents.

The most important things this year have been the small victories, those little tiny seemingly insignificant things ; like the days when Atlas wears his patch with little to no fighting it may seem like a small victory , but it’s huge to me. It means so much to me .. it means my boy is strengthening his affected eye which is so good. Or when my husband spells out a word (sucker) and my 3 year old tries to sound it out. Of course this isn’t the greatest thing , but hey it means she’s learning , taking in information and trying to phonetically sound out letters and put a word together , yea this momma thinks that’s awesome.

Obviously there are the big things too , like Atlas having and exam under anesthesia and being able to hold off on a surgery we thought was necessary at the time , or Sage having her first big fall and trip to the ER. And for myself taking and completing the Tax Course so that in 2019 instead of being the receptionist in the tax office I work at, i will be completing tax returns for clients!

I’m looking forward to all the learning and adventure this next year will bring. My biggest goals are to save money, start eliminating debt and to really pay attention to the little things. Sometimes you get so hung up on the big things, that the little things get overlooked and they shouldn’t be.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year from my family to yours


This week marked another adventure in our eye care journey with Sir Atlas. At the beginning of November we made a trip to New York to meet with Dr.Zaidman a cornea specialist. At that visit he couldn’t get a good look at Atlas and asked us to come back for an Exam under anesthesia. On The 26th Atlas, my husband Steve and I took the 3 hour journey to Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital I’m Valhalla, NY.

The difference between today and the last two times he was put under anesthetics, is that this time instead of just letting the nurse take him into the OR i went with in with him. It broke my heart to watch him writhe on the table as they put the mask over his face, but I’m incredibly glad I was the last thing he saw and heard before he went to sleep. I know these exams are going to be part of his life, I’m hoping that we can do them as few and far between as possible. I hope my singing and touch calmed him and this won’t be a terrible memory for him. Thankfully it was just an exam so when he woke up he had no pain to deal with.

This doctor confirmed some information we already knew, which is great. The next step is for my boy to try a new drop which may reduce the swelling in his affected eye. Here’s to hoping that’s successful and will be helpful for him. Your journey has just begun my boy and I’m incredibly grateful God trusted me enough to be your momma.

Big Fat Heart

Today I’m just feeling blessed. Nothing particularly spectacular or inspiring happened recently , but man those tiny little things that add up to a big fat heart full of happy.

Watching Atlas devour an apple like a big kid, I mean literally right down to the core. He enjoyed each and every bite, humming as he ate , as his beautiful big eyes lit up like the night sky.

Hearing Sage run to the door when she should be sleeping because we just got in from some last minute Christmas shopping. Her little tiny footsteps and her little squeaky voice exclaiming “mommy I missed you so much”.. and we were gone less than 3 hours. While we’re on the way home my stepdaughter Brooklynn FaceTimed me because she wanted to say goodnight to her little sister (or as she calls her “bip”) . When I got home I called her back and my girls got to say goodnight to each other. And even cuter daddy walks in the door takes both his babies and reads them a Curious George Merry Christmas.

All these little things add up to so much and I’m so happy to call this my life.

Moo Moo goes the oobleck

I’m totally geeking out right now! This is a super fan girl post(sort of) lol. I’m super into doing STEM projects with the kids( mostly for Sage, Atlas is still too young but he likes to watch). I recently saw a post on called “See Sound with oobleck”. The women who runs this website Cara Florance is the author of some really cool kids science books (which I can’t wait to get). We did the experiment , which was super fun and I posted a video of us doing the experiment on Instagram , and Cara herself liked it enough that she not only liked our post, but put it in her own Instagram story!!!! I’m kind of geeking out , I feel like semi-famous lol! Which is great because like any other blogger I’m trying to put myself out there , and to have an author put us in her story is pretty BA if ya ask me. So thanks Cara Florance, for the shout-out and all the other activity ideas I’m excited to try!

So as far as the activity itself , It’s essentially a fun little experiment about sound, and a way to show kids the vibrations of sound (kind of like how sound bounces off our eardrums). You make oobleck , and if you’re any body that’s anybody you know that’s just a fun word for a goopy non-Newtonian fluid (viscosity can change from liquid like to solid like) made with 2:1 cornstarch to water.

Then you take toilet paper/paper towel tubes and make them into a periscope looking thing and I used a balloon to make the drum part (full fledged instructions on the website above) and I used a ballon I had hanging around to make the drum part. Check out the video and have a laugh and go try it out yourself!

Side note- I think STEM/STEAM activities are the best way to reach kids. It holds their interest , and they are much more likely to retain the information because they learned it in a tangible way(my opinion). I know personally that yes I gain knowledge through reading and other traditional methods, but so much more from hands-on activities and real life experiences

and shout out to dad(my husband Steve) for making awesome noises !

Rather Insignificant

As is tradition for many families , today My Aunt Deb and I took the kids for their “obligatory” Santa photos. Atlas had an adorable “suit” which consisted of black pinstriped pants, a white button down, and the matching vest. He looked like such a prince! Sage didn’t have any good holiday style attire, so you guessed it we made a Target run beforehand to pick a dress. And ohemgee did we pick the most adorable mustard yellow A-line lace dress, and the lace has all these little leaf shapes in it, I know it sounds strange trying to explain but when you look at the photos, she looks like a little model. Sage also requested a red Santa hat , Atlas had one and she wanted to match her baby Atlas. So with accessories and attire acquired we headed to the local Cardi’s furniture store where they were doing free photos with Santa. The Santa was incredible, he looked amazing and was great with kids.

By the time that was finished, we were all hungry so my Aunt the kids and I headed to Taco Bell for a quick lunch. I know it seems rather insignificant a few photos with Santa, and a fast food lunch, but I greatly enjoyed our day. When we are with my Aunt Deb , it’s almost like my mom is still here. My mother loved all 3 of her sisters dearly, but Deb and mom had a special bond. They got together weekly and were always super close, so whenever I’m with her I know my mothers not far away. No one will ever, nor would I ever want anyone to replace my mother but I’m blessed everyday that my Auntie treats her niece and great niece and nephew like children , and great children. I will forever be grateful for these moments they get to share with their “Auntie Grandma”