Do NOT go to the ER hungry

Have you ever had a week that just seemed like it would never end, like you just keep getting dealt the 💩 card?? That’s my week , and although it’s been a tough one I’ve managed to mostly keep my cool and not let it rain on our parade.

It pretty much started last Saturday and has kept rolling. We took a ride to do some errands and we were on a well traveled main road in mild traffic ,maybe going 8-10 miles an hour , the person in front of me abruptly stopped, so I had to do the same …. there was just enough space between us that I only tapped his vehicle but the truck behind me hit us. Most importantly all drivers and passengers were unharmed ( I had 4 kids with me) but it’s a pain , we had to wait for the police blah blah and I’ve been on and off phone calls with insurance companies all week ( waiting for an adjuster to come appraise the damage). So that our Saturday afternoon , the evening didn’t prove to be much better either. My husband was at his sisters for the night helping her with some home repairs, Atlas spiked a fever and all I wanted to do was snuggle in my bed and watch movies. Not so much apparently our bedroom TV set is dead. Meanwhile I talk to my husband and he accidentally smashed his phone..

Sunday we ended up at sick care and Atlas was diagnosed as having an ear infection. Then last night Sage thought she could fly and get her balloon that had drifted up high in her room and stacked a bucket on a stool, landed on her chin. So we made our first ever trip to the Emergency room to get her gash checked out. We waited over 3 hours in the waiting room , when we were finally seen they did do 3 stitches. Sage was a brave warrior the entire time at the hospital she didn’t shed a single tear. She let the nurse clean her wound and apply the numbing agent. Then we waited while the numbing agent took effect. The doctor gave her a little bit of versed to calm her, then worked his magic. Watching him weave away with the stitching thread was pretty neat. I’m even proud of myself I was nervous and scared for my baby girl but I kept it together, she was such a trooper!! I got lots of lovin’ and cuddles last night. The worst part about the ER is the waiting we ended up being there about 5.5 hours total, then came home to a driveway chuck full of snow. So at midnight Steve and I spent about half an hour or so shoveling snow like mad people. In the end by the time we cleared the snow got everyone in bed it was about 1:30 this morning.

But the most important lesson …. DO NOT go to the hospital hungry … eating Wendy’s at midnight is not as fun as it sounds.


Making Memories

I’m getting so excited about the holiday season. It’s my favorite time of year. I love the smells, the yummy food, the family , friends and laughter. I’ve decided to host thanksgiving this year , which will be pretty low key but I’m still happy about it. My head is spinning with ideas of what I want to make, obviously the traditional turkey but for the sides do I want to do plain old stuffing or stuffing with cranberries or some other fancy smancy stuffing. I know this sounds ridiculous because it’s just stuffing , but you know it’s more than that. It’s the taste , the flavor the conversations it will start and the memories that will be made.. whether we have a big turn out or a small cozy gathering.

Then there’s the parade. There’s nothing like the enjoyment of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade ( this year I’m figuring out how to stream it beforehand, so we don’t miss out like last year). Sharing that tradition with my kids will be awesome! I dream of being there to experience it in person …. some day it will happen.

But really the nest part is time spent with my loved ones making memories to last a lifetime. Which is why I love this season so much I get to see my family a bit more than I regularly do and I’m always okay with that.

Welcome to our journey

My name is Tanya , I’m a mother of two adorable children and blessed to have two equally awesome stepchildren. I lived a pretty “normal” life you could say. I’ve always wanted to start a blog, and I’ve decided there is no better time than now.

What kind of got me inspired to start though now is my children . Our daughter Sage is 3 and she’s a real hoot, her energy is fierce and I know she’s destined for good things (though she seriously tries my patience on a daily basis). The second reason being I feel I need to share my son’s story

with the world. He is 8 months old and was born with congenital glaucoma. When he was diagnosed I didn’t even know a baby could have glaucoma, I want him and our story to be a voice for all those other families out there dealing with this disease and with our stories of love, fun, childish antics, surgeries, eye drops , patching , everything in between and shed some light and hope on this difficult topic .